Mikayle Bertine started her dancing career when she was just two years old. She danced at DancEtc.in her hometown Crystal River, Florida. Mikayle’s favorite style of dance to perform and to teach is tap, but she enjoys all styles of dance and the joy that each of them bring to her students. At the young age of just 8 years old she was invited to New York City to participate in an off-broadway show and take classes at Broadway Dance Center. She continued dancing for 10 years at DancEtc. but then proceeded at All American Dance Factory in Tampa, Florida for 4 more years. In Tampa she still took all styles of dance and enjoyed every minute of it. Once she became a freshman in high school, at Crystal River High, she took a break from dancing and began cheerleading. Although she loved cheerleading she missed the dance world and the joy that it brought to her. At age 17 she got the opportunity to teach at Reflections Dance Studio, and her teaching career took off from there. Her first year she only taught two tap classes but in the following years took on more classes. Now at 20 years old, she loves teaching at Reflections, as not only a regular teacher, but also a competition choreographer and instructor.

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